Constitution and By-Laws


This organization shall be known as the “Central District Golf Coaches Association”, hereby to
be referred to as ”C.D.G.C.A.”, and is a voluntary organization not established for any profit.


The objective of this Association shall be to promote boy’s and girl’s junior golf programs, to enforce the Rules of Golf of the USGA, to promote and maintain the highest professional standards among coaches, to provide a forum for friendly exchange of ideas and social contact, to enforce the rules of play/contact as published by the OHSAA, and to promote the growth of school golf teams throughout the state of Ohio.


Section 1- Composition: Membership shall consist of the coaches of boy’s and girl’s golf teams. There shall be two classes of membership:

  1. active
  2. honorary

(1) Active – Coaches in good standing of member schools of the OHSAA.

(a) Delinquent – an active member becomes delinquent when he/she has not paid the annual dues for the current golf season by date designated by the Association. In this case, the member loses all privileges provided by the Association.

(2) Honorary

(1) Nominations for Honorary membership shall be received by the President. The nomination shall be subject to the approval by a quorum vote of the active membership. Past President of the Association who have retired from active coaching shall become automatically eligible.
(2) Privileges for honorary members shall be the same as active members
except the right to vote. Honorary member shall not pay any dues or fees.
Section 2 – Roster: A roster of membership shall be maintained including the members name, school, and division.


Section 1 – Amount of the annual dues will be established by a quorum vote of the active membership.
Section 2 – Annual dues shall be paid to the Treasurer of the Association or the designated person of the Association.
Section 3 – Dues shall be paid by the date established by the Association membership.


Section 1 – Reasons
(a) nonpayment of annual dues by established date.
(b) receipt of letter from the President to the member notifying him/her that Executive Committee recommends suspension by the OHSAA. (see OHSAA policy Handbook)
(c) flagrant violation of the Rules of Golf of the USGA, rules of this Association, or the rules established by the OHSAA.
Section 2 – Suspended Member: A suspended member shall forfeit al rights and privileges of membership.
Section 3 – Reinstatement: A suspended member may be reinstated if the USGA, OHSAA or the Association has lifted all sanctions against the suspended member.


Section 1 – Number: The number of meetings shall be established by the Executive Board members.
Section 2 – Time and Place: The time and place, as well as the date, of the meetings shall be decided by the President of the Association.
Section 3 – Quorum: A quorum shall consist of the members present, due notice having been provided of the time and date of the meeting.
Section 4 – Voting: Only active member shall vote. The method used shall be determined by the presiding officer. Each member school team shall have one vote.
Section 5 – Order of Business: The order of business at each meeting may consist of any of the following functions but should not be limited to these activities: Roll Call, Minutes reading and entered, Treasurer’s report, Presidents report, committee reports, old business, new business, and announcements.


Section 1 – President: Duties shall include;

1. preside over all meetings of Association and Executive Board.
2. represent the Association at meetings of state or national leaders.
3. coordinate communication with other associations and organizations.

Section 2 – Vice President: Duties shall include;

1. assist the President in any business involving the Association.
2. serve as a “recorder” at any meeting of the Association.

Section 3 – Treasurer: Duties shall include;

1. supervise al financial activities of the Association.
2. maintain a record of membership for the Association.
3. maintain a record of meeting dates of general membership and the Executive Board.
4. supervise the mailing of Association business.
5. collection of all dues and fees.
6. supervise the payment of all debts involving the Association.
7. make available financial records of the Association to Executive Board when requested.

Section 4 – Division Representative: Duties shall include;

1. assist the Association in any business areas when requested.
2. to represent the Division they serve by presenting any business from that body.
3. preside over the voting meetings in each of the divisions.

Section 5 – Term of Office: Each office shall have a term of serve of two(2) years. Election to these offices shall be held in the voting meeting of odd numbered years.


Section 1 – Members: The membership of the Executive Board shall consist of the elected officers of the Association and any past president which decides to continue serving the board. Also, the Board may choose to add additional members as is needed to complete the Association business.

Section 2 – Duties: Duties shall include;

1. attend meetings at times other than the regular membership.
2. represent the best interest of all junior golf first and foremost.
3. communicate to those whom they represent the results of Board meetings
4. make recommendations for improvement of the Association and junior golf.


Section 1 – All-District Honors

A. Players: Each division shall selection a first and second team which consist of six members and all ties at that level.

1. Each school in attendance shall name one player to a honorable mention team.
2. Each division shall also select one player as the Player-of-the-Year.
B. Coach: Each division will select a Coach-of-the-Year.
Section 2 – Eligibility: All active members are eligible as long as they have attended the required number of meetings and are represented at the voting meeting.
Section 3 – Awards shall be provided as finances allow. The Executive Board shall determine the available funds for awards.
Section 4 – Other Award or Honors may be created with the approval of the Executive Board.


Section 1 – Proposal Process: Any active member may propose a change in rule by submitting the proposal to any Board member in writing. The proposal will then be discussed at the next Board meeting. If approved, a proposal will be prepared for submission to The membership
Section 2 – Adoption: The proposal will be submitted to the membership for discussion. After discussion has ended the membership shall decide to vote on issue or to delay action. The vote will be by a simple majority of members present with one vote per school team.
Section 3 – Amendment Record: A record of all amendments or procedures for the execution of this constitution shall be maintain by the Executive Board.


AMENDMENT#1 (10-22-07)

Any team present at the voting meeting will have the right to “name” an individual to the “Honorable Mention” team. There will be voting for only members of the 1st and 2nd Team honors.